Weed Control OKC

OKC Weed Control with Long-Lasting Results

Weed Control OKCNearly every lawn suffers from weeds at one point or another. Weeds are extremely difficult to eradicate once they take root in your lawn. Some store-bought weed killers are effective, but might also be just as effective against the grass you’re trying to protect. Pulling the weeds helps for short-term relief, but doesn’t get to the source of the problem. So how can you get long-term weed control in OKC?

Call Imperial Lawns and our professional weed killers will see that your weeds are taken care of properly. With over 25 years of experience, our lawn care professionals have the expertise to handle weeds and many other unwanted guests that invade your yard.

Some weeds blend in well with your grass

Most people are aware that the plants with large, spiked leaves are weeds, but there are many other types of weeds that can sneak into your OKC yard as well. These thin, grassy weeds might look benign from a distance, but they can cause numerous issues and make the rest of your lawn unhealthy. Our lawn care team will make sure to target all types of weeds so your lawn can be healthy and look great.

Weeds are kept under control with our 7-step program

Different kinds of weeds require different kinds of treatments to get rid of properly. Specifically, warm-season weeds—Bermuda, Tiff, and Zoysia for example—have a different process and treatments at a different time of year than the cool season weeds like Fescue, Rye, and Kentucky Blue.

We start by identifying your specific weeds and weed problems

If your weed type is misidentified, the treatment can have little to no effect against the weeds, a frustration we help you avoid. When you choose us for weed control for your OKC yard, we always start by thoroughly identifying any unwanted weeds in your yard. From there, we create a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account many variables including the type of grass that you have.

The right herbicide and fertilizers are an essential part of your weed control

After identifying the type of weeds we’re dealing with, we go straight to work on eliminating them. For most weeds, this involves using a herbicide that targets the weed without hurting your plants and flowers. We start by killing the existing weeds in your yard, then apply a pre-emergent herbicide to stop any new weeds from appearing.

Because weeds often take over parts of your yard, sometimes they leave bald patches once they’re removed. That’s why we use a balanced granular fertilizer to help strengthen your grass and to fill in any spots with the grass that you want. This combination of herbicides and fertilizers at appropriate increments maximizes your chance of weed control and grass regrowth.

Call us to schedule your weed control in OKC or any of our other services

Our comprehensive weed control services have been serving the people of Oklahoma City for decades because of dedication to quality and service. But weed control isn’t all we do. We’re also one of the leaders in grub control, soil testing, tree and shrub care, flea control, and much more. To schedule an appointment for any of our lawn care services, give us a call today.