Weed Control in Oklahoma City

Do you know what it takes to keep your lawn free of weeds?

Oklahoma City weed control is a challenging task for any homeowner. Every time you turn around it seems like some other invasive plant is popping up in your yard. From grassy weeds to broadleaf plants, Oklahoma is home to plenty of plants you don’t want coming up in your lawn.

Weed Types

There are several different types of weeds you need to be worried about:

Annual: These come up each year and spread by seed. Some grow in spring, while others wait for the summer months.

Biennial: These have a two-year lifecycle, germinating the first year and flowering the second.

Perennial: These regenerate each year, generally from a long taproot. They’re the toughest to control.

You can also break weeds down by leaf type. Grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds can require different treatments, and Oklahoma City weed control involves a variety of different techniques for each type of plant.

Weed Control Methods

If you’re looking for Oklahoma City weed control, you need someone who understands what it takes to deal with any type of weed you’ll run into. The first step is checking over the yard to see what kinds of plants are there. That allows the lawn company to figure out which herbicides to use.

Most Oklahoma City weed control involves both pre- and post-emergent treatment, keeping lawns free from any type of weed that can crop up. In addition, once the herbicide has been placed, it usually takes a fertilizer regimen and maybe even seeding to fill in the bare patches left by weeds that have been removed.

A healthy, vibrant lawn requires a great weed control regimen. Oklahoma City weed control is one of our specialties at Imperial Lawns—call now and see how we can make your yard blossom.