Tree & Shrub Care Edmond

Don’t neglect your trees and shrubs!

While one of the primary services that our lawn care company does is making grass look good and getting rid of weeds, your shrubs and trees are also an important element of your yard. After all, it can be hard to see that gorgeous green grass through clumps of dead branches! But at Imperial Lawns, we have the solution. Choose us for tree and shrub care in Edmond as part of one of our full-service packages, or get it on its own from one of our experts with over two decades of experience.

Tree Shrub Care Edmond

Are your trees not looking as neat as you’d like?

Then we can help! Trees are a major component of your yard and make an enormous impact on the aesthetics. Some ways that we can help with this include:

  • Tree trimming. If you have trees with wild branches, we can help by trimming them so that they’re even. We can also help remove dangerous branches that can damage you or your property.
  • Shrub cutting. Like tree trimming, cutting shrubs can make a world of difference. Instead of being ugly things in your way, they can become a marvelous part of your front or backyard!
  • Removing harmful weeds. One way to get your trees and shrubs looking good is to remove the competition! Our weed control services make quick work of competing, unwanted plants.

Our Tree and Shrub Maintenance Program will help keep your trees and shrubs healthy!

Along with making sure that your shrubs and trees look great, at Imperial Lawns we want to make sure they feel great too. And because we can’t ask them directly, we have to pay attention to their needs! Some of the things we can do to help include:

  • Dormant oil treatments. This protects against hatching insects and harmful grubs that can eat the roots of the grass and cause it to brown and come out in clumps.
  • Broad spectrum systemic fungicide for disease prevention. This controls lawn fungus that can cause numerous problems for your trees, grass, shrubs, and other plants.
  • Contact insecticide to control existing insect populations. A topical application can kill mosquitos and other bugs that you don’t want on your property.
  • Deep root feeding systems. Sometimes, the source of the problems is deep in the roots. But we know how to get to them and provide them with the nutrients they need.