Tree and Shrub Care in Oklahoma City

If you’ve tried to keep a garden going in Oklahoma for any length of time, you know it’s a tough place to keep plants healthy and thriving. We’re best known for post oak, red cedar and Bermuda grass—tough plants that stand up to the elements well.

Trees and shrubs are no different. It’s not an easy task to keep them alive, let alone green and lush. That’s why tree and shrub care in Oklahoma City is a necessity, not a luxury.

The Natural Enemies of Your Trees and Shrubs

Tree and shrub care in Oklahoma City revolves around a couple of problem areas.

Insect damage: Wood borers, grubs, bagworms and other insects can turn healthy trees into sickly or dead trees in a very short span of time.

Disease: Fungus and disease are a real problem for some trees. Cedar apple rust, needle blight, pine wilt and oak canker are common diseases that can affect trees in Oklahoma, necessitating different treatments for each.

These are the most common killers of trees and shrubs in Oklahoma City. Dormant oils, fungicides, contact insecticides, manual removal and more can help with all of these issues—but only if they’re caught in time.

Maximizing Tree Health

If you’re trying to take care of your trees and shrubs in Oklahoma City, you don’t just want to avoid disease and insect damage. You want to make sure they’re strong and healthy in the first place. Fertilization (including deep root fertilization), pruning, dead limb removal and more are crucial components of tree and shrub care in Oklahoma City. They’re especially important given the high winds so common to the state. Dead or weak trees can break in ice storms or high wind, causing damage to homes, yards, power lines, vehicles and more.

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and strong takes both specialized knowledge and consistent effort. If you want help with tree and shrub care in Oklahoma City, reach out to Imperial Lawns. We’ll help you build a plan that fits your needs.