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How do you know if you need lawn fungus control in Edmond?

Lawn Fungus Control in Edmond by Imperial Lawns

Lawn fungus comes in a variety of forms, some easier to detect than others. While the terms “fungus” and “mushroom” are often used interchangeably, unfortunately, lawn fungus can’t always be identified by finding and eliminating tiny mushrooms in the grass. With literally over a million different kinds of fungus including mushrooms, molds, and much more, how can you know what kind you’re dealing with and how to get rid of it? After all, you wouldn’t accidentally want to create better conditions for it! But you don’t have to try to identify it on your own when you call Imperial Lawns for lawn fungus control in Edmond. Our experienced lawn care team will get out there and see that it’s taken care of properly.

What are some common signs that I have fungus in my yard?

Because some lawn fungus mimics other kinds of diseases or indicators of poor yard health, it can be hard to tell for sure what you’re dealing with. But some things to watch out for include:

  • Brown or yellow patches appearing in your yard, especially if they are in a ring shape that seems to grow over time.
  • Unusual coloring on your grass such as grays, oranges, reds, or even purples on the stems or grass blades.
  • Slimy grass that looks perpetually wet is typically a sign that there is some kind of fungus infecting it.

Why would I have lawn fungus in the first place?

Lawns can be open to a fungal disease due to a variety of reasons, some of which may be out of your control. Some reasons they can appear include:

  • Lack of water or drought-like conditions.
  • Improper use of lawn fertilizer such as using too much or the wrong type.
  • Having soil that’s highly compacted and hasn’t had aeration done.
  • Poor soil condition that isn’t full of the essential needed nutrients.
  • Unusual weather conditions such as high heat or excessive cold temperatures.

We’ll take care of that lawn fungus in Edmond for you!

At Imperial Lawns, we know the types of fungi that typically appear on and in lawns in Edmond. And we know what to get rid of them–and make sure they don’t return. Our lawn care crew will use the appropriate fungicide for your lawn type and fungal infection so that your grass isn’t affected and will only grow stronger. Call or contact us if you suspect lawn fungus and we’ll come by and take a look.