Lawn Fertilization OKC

3 Keys to Proper Lawn Fertilization in Oklahoma City

Believe it or not, your lawn needs food just as much as you do.

If you’re watering your lawn but not feeding it with proper lawn fertilization, you’re missing out on better grass growth, grass coverage and a greener yard. In Oklahoma City, lawn fertilization is one of the most vital parts of having a vibrant lawn that resists disease and weeds.

What does proper fertilization involve?

1: Pick the Right Fertilizer

To understand lawn fertilization in Oklahoma City, we first need to understand what turfgrass plants actually need to grow correctly. There are a total of thirteen different elements that go into proper grass growth, but the most important are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Oklahoma City lawn fertilization has one key characteristic that doesn’t necessarily apply to the rest of the country: our topsoils are very low in nitrogen, though they usually have adequate amounts of phosphorus and potassium. Most fertilizer mixes used for lawns in Oklahoma tend to lean heavily on nitrogen.

2: Apply at the Correct Time

The best time to apply fertilizer is in the spring, usually around April for most warmer-weather regions. That includes Oklahoma (even given our cold winters). When you apply fertilizer as the grass is starting to wake up after the winter, it’s able to take the nutrients on board early, giving you a stronger lawn right from the very beginning.

3: Ensure Proper Coverage

To get the most out of lawn fertilization in Oklahoma City, you need to factor in wind and rain. Wind is one of the chief culprits in bad fertilizer coverage. For most homeowners, using a spray rig to fertilize the lawn isn’t optimal, largely because professionals are better at minimizing the impact of wind and getting the right coverage. Granular fertilizer and spreaders work best for DIY. In addition, if it rains hard right after a fertilizer application, most of that fertilizer will be wasted because of runoff.

Getting your Oklahoma City lawn fertilization right can be tough. If you’re having issues with your yard, feel free to touch base with a professional—call us and we’ll be happy to help you build a healthier, greener lawn.