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Need lawn fertilization in Edmond?

Nearly everyone that has a lawn knows that fertilizers help promote healthy growth.  Fertilizers provide valuable and sometimes even essential nutrients that your lawn could be missing out on. Adding a quality fertilizer keeps your lawn healthy so that it is less prone to diseases, allows for faster and greater growth to maximize grass coverage, and reduces the chance of muddy patches and puddles from appearing. Typical fertilizing can often be done by the homeowner. But for bigger jobs--or if it's been a little while since the last application--the lawn care pros at Imperial Lawns can handle it for you. We do lawn fertilization in Edmond and much more so that you can have the lush, full, beautiful yard that you deserve.

Lawn Fertilization in Edmond by Imperial Lawns

Aren't some fertilizers harmful to the environment?

While it's true that some chemical fertilizers can be harmful to the environment, there are a variety of options to choose from if this is one of your primary concerns.  Organic fertilizers are a safe, eco-friendly option because they are minimally processed. Because they tend to be made from natural components, the nutrient profile can't be guaranteed, but it typically does the job well enough without the added risk.

How can professional fertilization help my Edmond lawn?

There are several reasons why you should have professional lawn fertilization done by Imperial Lawns, such as:

  1. Our seven step program works year round so that your lawn stays in prime condition for the entire year. We don't leave your lawn alone and make it fend for itself once the initial work is done!
  2. Once we come by and take a look at your lawn, we can quickly tell what the proper nutrient ratio should be in your lawn fertilizer. Then we can take the ideal fertilizer and lay it evenly wherever needed.
  3. Along with fertilizing, we do a number of other services too! Call us when you need grub control, mowing, trees trimmed, weed control, or any other lawn care service, and we'll see it done right.