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Can lawn aeration in Edmond help you?

If your lawn seems to be struggling despite your best efforts, there are a few things that you can try. You could try adding more grass seed to see if it takes. You could try a new kind of fertilizer to see if that increases grass growth. Or you could try lawn aeration to give your lawn access to those vital nutrients it might be missing. If you're considering this third option, let Imperial Lawns be the lawn care experts to help you. We're a lawn aerator in Edmond that can quickly assess the condition of your lawn and provide an effective solution for your particular needs.

What is lawn aeration?

Similar to poking holes in an animal's crate so that they can get air, lawn aeration is the process of using a lawn aerator to poke tiny holes into your lawn that allow it to breath better. These holes reduce soil compaction so that water, air, and nutrients can better circulate through the soil.

Is aerating my lawn right for me?

If you attempt to aerate your lawn when it isn't needed, you likely won't see many of the expected benefits. Aeration should be considered in the warmer months if one or more of the following applies:

  • If part of your lawn serves as a makeshift driveway or receives heavy use from people or animals, the soil is likely compacted and it's a good idea to aerate.
  • If your home is a new construction on a newly-cleared plot of land, the soil is probably tougher and having aeration done in the next summer will likely help.
  • After you lay sod down, you likely have soil layering. Core aeration can improve breathability and allows the roots to get the nutrients that they need.

Let us handle core aeration in Edmond and much more!

As a locally-owned lawn care company, Imperial Lawns knows the Edmond region well. While different climates have different requirements, with over 25 years of experience in the area, we aren't surprised easily.  Whether you need lawn aeration, flea control, need a little help with weeds, or simply want your trees and shrubs to look nice, we can do all that and more! Call or contact us to set up an appointment with our lawn care experts in Edmond today.