Grub Control OKC

The Importance of Grub Control in Oklahoma City

If you’ve lived in the state of Oklahoma for any length of time, you’ve probably seen white grubs while working in the yard. These grubs are the larvae of some of the common beetles native to the state, including May and June beetles (commonly called June bugs) and Southern Masked Chafer beetles.

But are they a problem for your lawn? Should you invest in grub control in Oklahoma City?

What Grubs Do

Beetle grubs live underground, feeding on the root systems of the plants that reach down into their domain. At low concentrations, this isn’t much of an issue. One or two grubs don’t have the appetite to cause a lot of damage.

At higher concentrations, though, you can start to see the effects in your lawn. Large dead, brown patches may be an indication that you need to invest in grub control. There are other factors that can cause these patches too—bad watering coverage or spring brown spots—but grubs are a main contributing factor.

When To Take Action

When do you need to invest in grub control in Oklahoma City?

At low concentrations, grubs aren’t much of a problem. However, if you dig up a brown patch and find between three to ten grubs per square foot, it may be worth calling in a professional to apply insecticide. Not only do the grubs themselves cause issues, they can contribute to other problems. Adult beetles can feed on young, tender deciduous trees or shrubs, and gophers and moles may dig up your lawn looking for food.

If you’re seeing large brown patches in your lawn, it might be time to find an Oklahoma City grub control company. Reach out to Imperial Lawns and we can help you find a treatment regimen that’s right for your yard.