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Do you need grub control in Edmond?

Contrary to popular film, the grubs in your lawn probably aren't something that you consider a delicacy. And the only reason that you'd want to rustle some up is so that you can eliminate them from your property. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone! Imperial Lawns is here to help with our 25 years of experience providing grub control in Edmond. Call up our lawn care company and we'll be there soon for comprehensive service that will keep your lawn clean, pure, and in good health!

Grub Control in Edmond by Imperial Lawns

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If you call Imperial Lawns for lawn care service, you can rest assured that you're getting the best quality treatment around. Having a healthy lawn means much more than doing weed control and trimming your trees. While we do basic services such as these, we also do more complicated procedures such as soil testing and Fall Fescue overseeding as well. We'll provide you with the keys to achieving a thriving lawn! Call or contact us today to set up an appointment or if you'd like an estimate on grub control in Edmond or any of our other lawn care services.

The damage that grubs cause

As a species that can spread harmful and even deadly diseases, grubs are an uninvited guest you don't want around long. We use pest control treatments that not only take care of the pests you have now but stop the reproductive cycle so they don't return later too.

Are grubs really that damaging?

While many people agree that grubs aren't the most cuddly creature you can have in your yard, can they really cause damage to your lawn? In more ways than one!

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  • Lawn grubs love to eat grass roots and the roots of other plants in your yard. This can cause your newly-laid grass seed to fail to take root and grow as expected.
  • Grubs can also cause areas of your lawn to brown and pull up easily. This is directly related to them eating the root systems as grass without roots can’t survive and is easily uprooted.
  • Along with the grubs themselves, these creatures often attract birds or rodents that want to eat them. These critters can tear up your lawn trying to get to them.