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Our flea control in Edmond protects your home

You love your pets. They’re an important part of your family, and you treat them with the love and care that they deserve. But that doesn’t mean you like their pets. When Fluffy or Fido brings a colony of fleas into your home, it can be a nightmare to eradicate them. As with most infestations, the best treatment is prevention. We can help by providing flea control in Edmond. But how exactly can a lawn care company help stop unwanted bugs like fleas from infiltrating your home?

Flea Control in Edmond

Our three-step flea treatment

The primary way that households get fleas in the carpets–and on the inhabitants–is from them latching on to outdoor pets who later come indoors. But you don’t have to choose between leaving Buddy out in the snow or a flea-free home with our simple process.

1. Inspect

One of our lawn care experts will come to your home and look at your property. This in-depth flea inspection checks for vulnerable locations and lets us know where the best places to apply treatment are.

2. Treat

Once we’ve done a thorough inspection and know where the ideal locations are for application, we treat your property. During this time, keep pets and children away from treated areas for their safety.

3. Repeat

In best-case scenarios, treatment will take care of fleas for some time. However, we recommend repeating the treatment between one to three times annually to maximize your flea-free results.

Let us handle outdoor flea treatment and more!

While fleas are annoying, they aren’t the only pest that can afflict your home and yard. Grubs are another common enemy, but we can take care of those as well. Lawn fungus and weeds are other organisms that can attack and harm a healthy lawn. And of course, we’re happy to do other lawn care services such as aeration and shrub care too! Call Imperial Lawns today if you want full-service lawn care in Edmond from experienced professionals that put you first.