Fall Fescue Overseeding in Edmond

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Are you in need of Fall Fescue Overseeding in Edmond?

Your yard is a crucial part of your home. It’s often the first thing that visitors see when they come to your property and it can leave an immediate impression. One of the most important parts of your yard is the grass. Is it green and welcoming, brown, and recovering, or is your yard littered with bare patches and the occasional clumps of surviving greenery? If you have Fescue, you may be dealing with this in the cold winter months. Fortunately, Imperial Lawns can help by providing Fall Fescue overseeding in Edmond. Our lawn care company will help make your lawn look great again, or if it’s in good condition, we’ll make sure it stays that way.

What is overseeding?

Normally, overseeding by definition means using too much seed than is viable. However, overseeding can also be essential for certain grass types in specific climates. Cool-season bunch-type grasses such as Fescue can benefit from overseeding in Autumn to help eliminate thin spots and provide even coverage.

What are some benefits of overseeding Fescue?

The best time to overseed your lawn in Edmond is from September to Mid-October. This will maximize the overseeding benefits for your Fescue, which include:

Winter prep

Doing the overseeding process before the cooler temperatures arrive allows the seed to get a healthy root system established.

Overseeding in fall

By doing timely overseeding in fall,  your cool season grass doesn’t have to compete for resources from summer weeds.

Nitrogen fertilizer

Combined with lawn fertilization from a nitrogen fertilizer, your Fescue won’t have a problem withstanding the upcoming winter.

Choose us for lawn care in Edmond?

With many lawn care companies in Edmond, you want one that will treat your property with the care and respect that it needs. And Imperial Lawns is up to the task. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our lawn care experts have lived through the seasons firsthand and seen the difference proper lawn care can make. See for yourself by choosing us for Fall Fescue overseeding in Edmond or any of our many other services we offer!